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If our Website has been Subscribed once by the user by paying the amount for the paid services provided by inbizmart.com is not refundable and Claims for the Refund will be Deprived. inbizmart.com neither provides any Guarantee for the accuracy ,Timeline ,Authenticity nor endorse any of the content posted by other users rather than the content posted officially by the website. Services provided are on the basis of effort.

Fraudulence Refund

The user should entirely be esoteric while Performing any active Transmission through their folder. They are solely Responsible for Making any online or off-line Transaction Involving any Payment criteria or Banking Instruments or Personal and Private Documents used for payment. inbizmart.com is not liable or Responsible for their Improper use of Information relating such use of Banking details used by the Subscriber or user.

Refund on the basis of change or Delayed Processing

inbizmart.com Maintains a high Interaction with their Clients and the Entire Processing is only done when the Client approves thus, the site is not responsible for any kind of full or partial refund.

If the Order is Placed once with your Confirmation it can’t be Cancelled as it Promptly moves for further Processing.